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George Will Connects the Dots…

Compartmentalization can be an extremely useful, and even necessary skill in certain situations.  That said, one can compartmentalize to a fault…especially in the political realm, and when compartmentalization becomes a standard practice vs. a strategic one, it leads to tunnel vision that precludes the recognition of progressive policies.

Then again, a few folks can see a progressive policy coming from miles away…

Last year George Will wrote an irrefutable article about the illegality of Race to the Top/Common Core dubbed:  Those Pesky Things Called Laws.

Last week, he penned yet another poignant piece  about the “Cash for Clunkers” boondoggle, designating it as not just another defective progressive policy, but  the first of many spawned by the 2009 stimulus, which acted as a “harbinger” to what culminated in ObamaCare…and ObamaCore.

As Will details the marred nature of Cash for Clunkers, he concurrently highlights the legal, fiscal and quality violations inherent to all progressive policies, especially in aggregate, and ends with this (emphasis mine):

“The present, too, is prologue. There currently is heated debate about the Common Core, whose advocates say it merely involves national academic targets and metrics for primary and secondary education. Critics say it will inevitably lead to a centrally designed and nationally imposed curriculum — practice dictated by targets and metrics. Common Core advocates say, in effect: “If you like your local curriculum, you can keep it. Period.”

If you believe this, your credulity is impervious to evidence. And you probably are a progressive.”

…and in one tiny if/then declaration, he lassos one of the biggest hindrances to the liberty movement.  A large chunk of the electorate, including elected officials, cannot properly define progressivism let alone accurately and consistently recognize it…even in themselves.

(Chris Littleton did a solid job of addressing this argument last year).

Whether or not Mr. Will understands how ObamaCare and Race to the Top were masterfully married in 2011, remains unclear, but given that his clincher could easily be construed as a premise for future posts, perhaps he does.  Or perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

Either way, we will begin that journey here, after the hearing next week.

 “Any fool can know.  The point is to understand.” ~Albert Einstein

In Response to Bill Bennett

Obviously we’ve been busy (most of us teach and/or coach in some capacity), with training and getting back into a school swing.  It’s good to be back.

While we plan to report on the new HB 597 Repeal & Replace bill, as well as our whacky governor’s denial of it,  one OpEd motivated one of our contributors to switch modes sooner rather than later.  She wrote it in response to Bill Bennett’s “Conservative Case for Common Core” piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Via email:

Just sent this to Bill Bennett’s folks.  Doubt they’ll read let alone care, but you always miss 100% of the shots you never take.    Please share if you are so inclined:

Good Morning,

After reading Bill’s WSJ piece about Common Core, I thought it might be a good idea to respectfully request that he purchase and read former Hillsdale Professor Terrence Moore’s book: “Story Killers: The Common Sense Case Against Common Core.”

Until it arrives, please consider Moore’s presentation at our “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day” in Columbus, OH on April 9th that was attended by nearly 600 Ohioans on a Wednesday night and featured six national subject-matter experts.

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Bill’s WSJ piece did an egregious disservice to parents & teachers who have read the actual documentation that conditioned & drew federal parameters through and around Common Core, which btw was only one on a list of 23 criteria to which states had to agree/adhere just to remain eligible for Race to the Top rewards or NCLB waivers (breaking 3 federal statutes).  All that before the standards were even completed/copyrighted by the NGA & CCSSO. Teachers Face Retaliation for Criticizing Common Core

So states had to adopt the standards & assessments to find out what was in them… sound familiar?

Support for RttT/Common Core (you cannot separate the two), is a far cry from the Bill Bennett who was ostensibly ok with President Reagan’s desire to eradicate the US Dept. of Education (and rightfully so).  Bill, of all people, should know that the outcome/evidence-based model of education is designed to produce one thing: cogs in a wheel, which denies the nature & humanity of individuals who are fearfully and wonderfully made.  It rejects truth, beauty & goodness, the virtues Bill ostensibly desires for posterity.

Please speak with someone who is not a shill, and in your water cooler discussions, please offer this suggestion: Ignorant or complicit in silence or deed, no GOP candidate who hasn’t [truly] repealed this illegal, costly & content-wanting federal albatross in his/her state, has a snowball’s chance in Hades of reaching 270 electoral votes.


Amen.  Goes to pattern: Ignorant or complicit in silence or deed, Republicans who allow this progressive boondoggle to continue, will either not recognize, or worse, agree with the next progressive boondoggle being sold for posterity’s liberty, ergo need to be rejected outright.