Ohio GOP Lies for Pro-CommonCore Candidates

False - Inscription on Red Rubber Stamp.One of the well-known truths about the Ohio Republican Party is that it refuses to take a stand on anything unless of course that “anything” is cramming their RINO incumbents or crony scams (JobsOhio; Issue 1) down our throats.

Many here will remember the mail campaign that Kevin DeWine and Jon Husted devised back in 2010, which featured the tea party logo on every mailer, so that voters couldn’t tell the difference between liberty-minded candidates and the incumbent hacks against whom they ran.

Well, meet the new boss; worse than the old boss…

Jason Hart at Media Trackers illustrates just one of many similar mailings going out all over the state (original links embedded):

Ohio House 24th District incumbent Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard), elected in 2012 after receiving over $650,000 of support from the Ohio Republican Party (ORP), has been promoted in three Party mailers in the past week.

Kunze, hand-picked in 2011 for the new 24th District seat by the Franklin County Republican Party, is being challenged in the May 6 primary by Clintonville architect Pat Manley.

Manley’s campaign is motivated largely by his opposition to Common Core. Activists contacted by Media Trackers indicated that Kunze, who sits on the House Education Committee, is “highly unlikely” to take a stand against Common Core.

Kunze has not cosponsored House Bill 237, the Common Core repeal bill Rep. Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) introduced last July.

During the 2012 cycle, ORP contributed media buys, postage, and other in-kind support to Kunze worth more than eight times the funding her campaign raised. Reports due to the secretary of state later this month will likely show that the Party is spending big to keep its favored candidate in office.

…The April 10 ORP mailer, with an ominous “Keep WASHINGTON’S Rules OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS” graphic on the front, was devoted entirely to the topic of education but never mentioned Common Core.

…After receiving the first mailer — this reporter lives in the 24th District — Media Trackers contacted Rep. Kunze for an explanation of her positions on Common Core, the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and increasing state spending.

She never replied.

Kunze’s Ohio House website, campaign website, and campaign Facebook page are all silent on the issues of Common Core, Medicaid expansion, and the ever-growing state budget.

All signs indicate the Ohio Republican Party is spending money to convince Republican voters that Stephanie Kunze, whose value to the Party is that she has no discernible principles, is the ideal candidate for supporters of limited government.

To be clear, Race to the Top – in which Common Core was flown – IS FEDERAL INTRUSION into Ohio classrooms.  Those who support it – and Kunze does – default their position to the “in favor of federal control” side of the ledger.

And for the record, Kunze’s website is “silent” on Common Core and Medicaid expansion because the politburo party knows that they are both huge primary issues.  Senate President Keith Faber told the caucus a couple weeks ago NOT to mention Common Core because “it’s a bad issue for us.”

No $h!t Dick Tracey, the list grows exponentially.

We’ll highlight more fraudulent mailers as they pertain specifically to CommonCore, so please spread the word when we do.  Everyone is busy, and the Republican Party knows it, so do your due diligence and contact us if you have any questions about a particular candidate.

Suffice it to say, if you receive a mailer from the Ohio Republican Party, and aren’t sure who the candidate is, we advise you to vote the other way.

Given their antics, we should hold primaries on April Fools’ Day…

Thank You!

Wow…a humble and hearty thanks to all of the speakers and parents who traveled to Columbus last night to learn more about the dysfunctional, progressive nightmare that is Race to the Top & Common Core, and what they can do to stop the .  Their dedication is always inspiring.

Ted Stevenot has a synopsis, and more pictures of the event here.

Bring Your Legislator to Class Pic

Guest Column: Common Core or Common Sense?

ReporterCommon Core or Common Sense
By Randy Klein:

Because the education and futures of our young people are so important, I was pleased to attend and participate in a forum on the “Common Core” curriculum standards sponsored by the Milford School District on March 19 at Mulberry Elementary School. The scene contrasted Board members, the Superintendent, and teacher-leaders strongly endorsing Common Core with parents and community members opposing or highly-skeptical.

What is Common Core? It is a set of copyrighted, privately-owned educational standards that were adopted sight-unseen by 46 states in order either to receive federal “Race to the Top” (RttT) funds or to be able to waive RttT provisions. Common Core was written and promoted through funds provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and others. Its stated purpose is to assure student college and career readiness.

Because Common Core has been described as “education without representation,” (the adoption process by-passed state legislatures), currently over 100 bills before state legislatures are attempting to slow, stop, or reverse the final adoption of Common Core. The Ohio effort is being led by local mothers Heidi Huber and Thea Shoemake, founders of Ohioans Against Common Core, who are criss-crossing Ohio presenting what they believe are dangers to our children by a centralized, national curriculum over which parents and local school boards will have little influence.

Common sense would lead one to believe that a school district staffed by hundreds of highly-paid Masters degree-level teachers and administrators would be able to design and implement a curriculum for student success that encourages community input without top-down edicts from Washington, DC special-interests. However, Common Core allows little deviation from its curriculum (only up to 15%) by local school officials.

Clearly federal government involvement in Common Core (and in all education) is unconstitutional, violating the federalism concept of the Constitution commanded by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, the federal statute known as General Educational Provisions Act (20 U.S. Code Section 1232a–Prohibition against Federal control of education) makes federal involvement illegal.

Parents also oppose the exhaustive data-mining, records-keeping, constant testing and assessments being imposed by Common Core on children, especially since it employs materials that are seen as developmentally-inappropriate or insensitive. Such data, coveted by government, business, and industry, can follow the child through life. Centralized textbooks may also be subject to politically-correct points-of-view.

Simply put, the purpose of Common Core is not a liberal education which sees personal development and knowledge as its own reward leading to a fully-developed, individual and unique human being. Rather, it is a school-to-work scheme (relying on centralized planning akin to Stalin’s “Five Year Plans” and Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”) seeking to produce worker bees, consumers, taxpayers, and soldiers for a collectivized global economy.

A classical, liberal education holds that man is essentially a spiritual being subject to physical needs and wants, and the purpose of education is to mature a student’s ability to think and reason to meet those needs while controlling his appetites, i.e. to be civilized.

Common Core sees man only as a material being with no real will of his own, and that he must be molded and shaped, not primarily for his own good, but according to a utopian concept of the good of society imposed by elites who “know better.” I fear that Common Core is Marxist to the core and will fail as do all such schemes. I ask the Milford Schools and the State of Ohio to reject it.

Mr. Klein is an Ohio citizen, who has been active in local, state & national politics for many years.  We very much appreciate the opportunity to share his article with our readers.

Ohio R’s: Your Children Belong to the State?

Bully AdminCentral to the [very few] legitimate functions of government, is the protection of life, liberty and property from both foreign and domestic enemies (due process).

Earlier this week, we chimed in on the story of an Ohio mom whose children and parental rights were targeted and violated after she legally opted them out of testing (original Heartland piece here) .

We have since learned that every player at every level who is paid to protect our rights, has flipped her – and by extension us – the proverbial bird.

Brief Synopsis:
A Mercer County mom opted her children out of both physical (BMI, dental) and academic (Common Core Beta) assessments taking place in their public school.  “I take my children to the dentist,” she said of the former, and well let’s face it, she’s not alone with her thoughts on the latter.

Though she didn’t need permission, this mother still contacted the Ohio Department of Education, who confirmed that while public schools are forced to administer the physical and academic assessments, children would be excused if the parents so desired.

All was well she thought, as she gladly shared the information with many other parents who wanted to know about the opt-out process.

Enter Superintendent Jesse Steiner, who declared that there will be no exercising of parental rights on his fief, and told parents that all children will be forced to take the assessments.  (So which is it ODE?)

Then Mr. Steiner took things further; most will agree by a bit too much… Continue reading

Ohio: Please Call Your Legislators!

icons It has come to our attention that in addition to the “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day” event in Columbus next Wednesday, a “Legislative Lunch” sponsored by independent think tank Buckeye Institute will take place in the afternoon and will feature Professor Terrence Moore.

Glad to see them taking an interest.

Insiders at the statehouse report hat the majority of our legislators will send their aides instead of attending themselves.  Perhaps they are still under some delusion that “plausible deniability” is still in play, so we’ll spell it out for them…

The window of opportunity to declare ignorance regarding Common Core is rapidly closing, especially given the breadth and depth of knowledge available to our elected officials at these two events, both of which are just steps away from their offices.

Toward that end, please call your representatives, and senators.  Ask them to actually represent you, their constituents, who are forced pay their salary and Cadillac benefits for life, by showing up in person to one or both of these events.

Please let us know if your elected official plans to attend, and please join us for the evening event for which you can register here.

Oh, and don’t forget Senate President Keith Faber and Rep. Jim Buchy, both of whom have abandoned this Ohio mother as she and her children continue to be bullied by their local school district.

More on that here.

Ohio Superintendent Targets Children Over CommonCore

The more any of us try to write about this story – which takes place in (Senate President) Keith Faber’s back yard – the angrier we get, so we’ll leave you with a link and a thought:

Superintendent Jesse Steiner Bullies Children Whose Parents Opted-Out of Common Core Testing

The more engaged parents wisely opt-out of these ridiculous mechanisms designed to usurp parental authority, pigeonhole potential and punish teachers, the more Ohio’s misinformed educrats will have these visceral reactions.

Egregious as this story is, know that the water is still tepid, but the rolling boil will arrive inside of two years, with the next “increase in temperature” to come with a law that prohibits families from opting of these tests.

Remember, this was only the “practice round.”

They so desperately want that money…
They so desperately want that power…
They so desperately want that control…

This is the hill to which posterity will point and say “that was the tipping point.” And if we do not engage, then it’s all on us.

“It would be great if our education stuff worked, but we won’t know that for probably a decade.”  ~Bill Gates, September 2013

Ohio Grandma “Brushed Off” by Governor Kasich

Broom BrushWe receive many emails regarding Race to the Top/Common Core, and the effort to reverse the trajectory toward the complete nationalization of education.

In addition to responding personally, we thought we would share the following letter from a northern Ohio grandma that expresses well the frustration and fear felt by parents, grandparents, teachers & students all over the state, many of whom are just seeing this quagmire hit their kitchen tables:

“I am writing to you as a concerned – no – terrified grandmother of a 6 year old who will be going into the first grade in the fall – the same time Common Core will begin implementation in Ohio public schools. I have written to Gov. Kasich several times only to be brushed off with a form letter praising Common Core standards. Ohio needs to be the next state to opt out……..yesterday. I’ve seen horrible examples of the math where children no longer use two steps to solve a problem but have to go through 108 steps (as one school in Oklahoma has students doing) and the awful language arts assignments where children have to choose the more “emotional” verb to complete a sentence i.e. “nagging” as opposed to “asking.” Continue reading

Upcoming CommonCore Event in Columbus!

From Ohioans Against Common Core:




Wednesday – APRIL 9th – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Capitol Theatre – Columbus

In the Riffe Center across from the Statehouse

‘Subscribe to Mailing List’ at OhioansAgainstCommonCore.com for event updates and alerts!

Stay tuned, we’re told there is much more to come!

Malkin: Meet Common Core’s Marketing Overlords

Bam!  Please read Michelle Malkin’s post in the Washington Examiner, you will not be disappointed.

Some highlights:

They’re everywhere. Turn on Fox News, local news, Animal Planet, HGTV or talk radio. Pro-Common Core commercials have been airing ad nauseam in a desperate attempt to persuade American families to support the beleaguered federal education standards/testing/technology racket. Who’s funding these public-relations pushes? D.C. lobbyists, entrenched politicians and Big Business interests.

The foundational myth of Common Core is that it’s a “state-led” initiative with grassroots support that was crafted by local educators for the good of all of our children. But the cash and power behind the new ad campaign tell you all you need to know. For parents in the know, this will be a refresher course. But repeated lies must be countered with redoubled truths.

…As they prop up astroturfed front groups and agitprop, D.C.’s Common Core public relations blitzers scoff at their critics as “black helicopter” theorists. Don’t read their lips. Just follow the money. This bipartisan power grab is Washington-led and Washington-fed. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s elementary: All Common Core roads lead to K Street.

Please read the whole thing, and share if you are so inclined.

Video Pt 2: Pioneer Sets Record Straight on CommonCore

Part 2 from Pioneer Institute:

Part 1 can be found here as well.  Pioneer was the Paul Revere of this issue; no one knows it like they do.  Well done.