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Common Core Data and the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio, PARCC and the Feds

Data Security. Information Concept.Ronald Reagan once quipped that the nine most terrifying words in the English language were: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

In light of the NSA, IRS and ACA scandals, as well as Arne Duncan’s new FERPA regulations, we respectfully submit a new “21st Century” version:
“I’m here with the government to protect your privacy.”

[In fact, if you can stand the irony, within days of one another last week, Reuters Hot Air reported that the ObamaCare database put user data at “critical risk” for theft, and Ben Swann reported  that student data was “easily hacked” in a security breach of the longitudinal database linked to [measure] Common Core standards.]

Lucky for the feds, they don’t need to hack personally identifiable student data…it flows to them freely via the national consortia assessments (see Ohio, PARCC & the Feds link above).  Thanks to certain FERPA revisions, it may flow to anyone with whom they do business (“public-private parnters”).

So what is FERPA, and why do we care?  Well, buckle up…

FERPA is an acronym for The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, signed into law in 1974.  FERPA used to protect student/family privacy (data) by acknowledging parental rights over that data (until the student turned 18), and limiting access to that data at and between all levels of government.

The parameters changed however, when Education Secretary Arne Duncan, credited with the latest revisions, realized that 45 out of 53 50 states swallowed Race to the Top/Common Core boondoggle hook, line and sinker.  As such, he needed to ensure access to whatever personally identifiable information may be desired by not just the feds, but also publishers, analysts, and any other “third party stakeholders.”  Oh, and for whatever reason, including for profit.

(Remember: RttT/Common Core = FedEd + CorporateEd)

Enter FERPA, which has been transformed from what was once considered a privacy safety net, into what may legitimately be considered a public record.

Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading

Maxine Waters on BO’s Database…


Do you think this “punish our political enemies” president hasn’t in any way been filtered information from the latest boondoggles (rhetorical: we know the IRS gave information on their political enemies to their political friends)? Do you think the personally identifiable information collected on our students and teachers  via Common Core assessments per Ohio’s agreement with the testing consortia will be impenetrable?

Any legislator or school board member who thinks so, obviously hasn’t read the agreements Ohio signed promising that information, and needs to be replaced, period. More on that next week…

Common Core Data and the Ohio Revised Code

“…these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

The “all hail Common Core” crowd read from the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) at the Dog & Pony Show last Tuesday,  to show that “personally identifiable student data” sharing is prohibited.  “Ohio is different,” they claim…

…and yet they want to make us the same via this one-size-fits-all plan, but I digress.

Had Reps. Stebelton and Brenner allowed rebuttal or public testimony, folks may have learned that where rules exists in the ORC prohibiting personally identifiable information from being shared, there also exist exceptions to the rules.

For instance, in Section 3301.0714  (“Guidelines for Education Management Systems”),  the rule states:

“The guidelines shall also prohibit the reporting under this section of any personally identifiable information about any student, except for the purpose of assigning the data verification code required by division (D)(2) of this section, to any other person…”

Then the exceptions start: Continue reading

Common Core Legality

Back when members of both parties were [at least] constitutionally literate, Justice Joseph Story wrote: “What may not be done directly may not be done indirectly.”  In other words, if it is illegal to steal your neighbor’s car, then it is illegal to hire someone to steal your neighbor’s car.

Every point around and through Common Core, from its adoption to its implementation is replete with violations of this principle, and there is no greater evidence of this than the stealth, insidious nature in which it was flown under everyone’s radar.

The US Constitution puts education solely in the hands of the states via the 10th Amendment, and the Ohio Constitution gives the state legislature authority to direct the State School Board via the Ohio Revised Code, but the feds along with Bill Gates, Jeb Bush & other crony capitalists, spent hundreds of millions of dollars to indirectly usurp those Constitutional realities.  The state board may develop standards, curriculum & assessments with LOCAL input from districts, teachers & parents, not abdicate that responsibility to unelected, unaccountable national entities representing yet another unholy alliance between big business and big government at the expense of our children.

Moreover, according to the OMB, Ohio taxpayers paid well over $7 billion in K-12 education last year, yet with a mere swipe of their pens, Ted Strickland & Deb Delisle shut us out of the process (which is why Common Core is often referred to as “Education without representation”).

Also preposterous is the fact that Bill Gates gave the NGA & CCSSO, two DC-based trade unions with absolutely no legislative authority to speak on our behalf, millions of dollars to falsely assume that authority, hook up with the federal Department of Education and coerce (lure) states into adopting standards and testing assessments before they were even written, breaking at least three federal laws (that’s some “standard”).

So in some sort of twisted “swing-state” karma, we were forced to adopt Common Core so that we could find out what’s in it.

Additionally, the Ohio Revised Code does NOT allow the State School Board to directly or indirectly mandate curriculum & assessments for private and home schools, yet by illegally adopting a national, one-size-fits-all “standard,” that is exactly what they did as everyone will ultimately be forced to comply with Common Core’s substandard standards.

Another key legal [privacy] issue surrounds the creepy “Student Longitudinal Data System” (SLDS) that needed to be in place in order to receive more Race to the Top reward money (the more Common Core “criteria” that states had in place when submitting the RTTT application, the more money they were eligible to receive).

A [former] State Senator made this data collection a reality by sneaking language – not for Common Core, rather just for the SLDS – into an otherwise innocuous bill after jumping through all of the popular hoops to bypass committee debate, and the general assembly passed it by “emergency measure” without analysis right before the RTTT application was signed.  Moreover, due to holes punched into the FERPA 2012  & Pupil Privacy Act, the information may now be personally identifiable as well as shared with the federal departments of Education, Labor & HHS.  We will call out that creepy REPUBLICAN state senator later, but for now, know that the Student Longitudinal Data System – not Common Core – was legislatively enabled thereby giving the feds permission to start tracking our children.  Not just their academics, but their eye color, religious affiliation, wait time for the bus etc.  Do you see how they went thru the back door?  More importantly, do you see where this ultimately leads?

Bottom Line

Common Core violates both federal and state laws, and should be thrown out on that premise alone.  Ergo, any subsequent legislative actions enabling its implementation are invalid.

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What is Common Core?

So the latest boondoggle in the education world is what’s known as “Common Core;” a one-size-fits-all national standards/curricula courtesy of educrats on both sides of the aisle. While “adopted” in 2010, most people are just catching wind of Common Core, and are rightly suspicious of the stealth nature in which this thing was flown under the radar of our most active grassroots’ members; if it’s so great, then why would that be necessary?

Needless to say, given its insidious nature, pushback is approaching a fever pitch. We first heard about it in January, and while the vetting process was arduous at best, we found that like most progressive policies, the devil is in the details of Common Core to hide the fact that it will yield the very opposite of its [ostensible] intent.

So let’s start at the beginning.

What is Common Core?

1. First and foremost, the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) is a misnomer. It is a national curriculum driven by national standards. Read more…

2. Common Core is the spawn of big business and big government. Read more…

3. Common Core “standards” are inferior to most state standards already in existence; a fact that its own proponents recognize. Read more…

4. Common Core is just plain creepy. Read more…


4. Common Core Is Just Plain Creepy…

4.  Common Core is creepy!

In addition to the testing assessments that will ultimately coerce families within all educational settings into compliance (unless legislatures man-up and opt-out), Common Core also mandates a “Student Longitudinal Data System” (SLDS).  According to its developers, the SLDS is designed to track 400 data points on students from “cradle to career” (personally identifiable information thanks to holes punched in FERPA & PPA laws).  That information in turn will be shared with not only outside entities for profit, but also with the federal departments of education, labor and HHS.

Now why in the world would the feds want to track 400 data points on our kids…

“I’m sorry Mrs. Smith, your daughter’s profile indicates that she will not do well in engineering so we’ll direct her elsewhere.”

SLDS is also mentioned under the “Legality” post.

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