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In Response to Bill Bennett

Obviously we’ve been busy (most of us teach and/or coach in some capacity), with training and getting back into a school swing.  It’s good to be back.

While we plan to report on the new HB 597 Repeal & Replace bill, as well as our whacky governor’s denial of it,  one OpEd motivated one of our contributors to switch modes sooner rather than later.  She wrote it in response to Bill Bennett’s “Conservative Case for Common Core” piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

Via email:

Just sent this to Bill Bennett’s folks.  Doubt they’ll read let alone care, but you always miss 100% of the shots you never take.  :-)  Please share if you are so inclined:

Good Morning,

After reading Bill’s WSJ piece about Common Core, I thought it might be a good idea to respectfully request that he purchase and read former Hillsdale Professor Terrence Moore’s book: “Story Killers: The Common Sense Case Against Common Core.”

Bring Your Legislator to Class PicUntil it arrives, please consider Moore’s presentation at our “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day” in Columbus, OH on April 9th that was attended by nearly 600 Ohioans on a Wednesday night and featured six national subject-matter experts.

Bill’s WSJ piece did an egregious disservice to parents & teachers who have read the actual documentation that conditioned & drew federal parameters through and around Common Core, which btw was only one on a list of 23 criteria to which states had to agree/adhere just to remain eligible for Race to the Top rewards or NCLB waivers (breaking 3 federal statutes).  All that before the standards were even completed/copyrighted by the NGA & CCSSO.

So states had to adopt the standards & assessments to find out what was in them… sound familiar?

Support for RttT/Common Core (you cannot separate the two), is a far cry from the Bill Bennett who was ostensibly ok with President Reagan’s desire to eradicate the US Dept. of Education (and rightfully so).  Bill, of all people, should know that the outcome/evidence-based model of education is designed to produce one thing: cogs in a wheel, which denies the nature & humanity of individuals who are fearfully and wonderfully made.  It rejects truth, beauty & goodness, the virtues Bill ostensibly desires for posterity.

Please speak with someone who is not a shill, and in your water cooler discussions, please offer this suggestion: Ignorant or complicit in silence or deed, no GOP candidate who hasn’t [truly] repealed this illegal, costly & content-wanting federal albatross in his/her state, has a snowball’s chance in Hades of reaching 270 electoral votes.


Amen.  Goes to pattern: Ignorant or complicit in silence or deed, Republicans who allow this progressive boondoggle to continue, will either not recognize, or worse, agree with the next progressive boondoggle being sold for posterity’s liberty, ergo need to be rejected outright.

Bill Bennett is a bright guy, just inadequately informed on this issue.  That is what’s most disappointing about his position. ~ed.

Recap, Pix & Video of HB 237 Discharge Petition Rally

The Ohio Out HouseBecause the efforts to address the boondoggle that is Race to the Top & Common Core have been largely ignored by our misinformed and complicit progressive legislature, hundreds of Ohioans attended a meeting at the statehouse yesterday, to support the release of a discharge petition on Rep. Andy Thompson’s Sub HB 237 (Common Core repeal).

The discharge petition would bring the [tabled] bill out of committee and up for a vote, and yes, the illogical, illiterate excuses from complicit, progressive Republicans are already overflowing, but we’ll address that later.

Please call your state representative and ask them to sign the discharge petition.

If he/she refuses, then frankly, they are part of the problem and need replaced for at the very least, they either agree with the national takeover of education or refuse to read the documentation that would inform them of such.

We should not have to beg our elected officials, whose salary & lifetime benefits we are forced to pay, to honor their oaths.  Complicit or ignorant…both are unacceptable.

Here are a couple of videos explaining the process.  The first by Sub HB 237 author, State Rep. Andy Thompson, and the second by Rep. John Adams, who is perhaps the most aptly named Representative in the Ohio legislature:


Much obliged to Ted Stevenot, and Ann Becker who did a fantastic job cataloging this event.  Please click here to read more in depth coverage of the event!

If Ohio R’s continue on this path, 2014 & 2016 may yield entirely different outcomes than anyone in the nation anticipates.

ObamaCare & Common Core if they win, ObamaCare & Common Core if they lose.  The only difference would be the letter of the alphabet behind the name of the progressive in power.

Thank You!

Wow…a humble and hearty thanks to all of the speakers and parents who traveled to Columbus last night to learn more about the dysfunctional, progressive nightmare that is Race to the Top & Common Core, and what they can do to stop the .  Their dedication is always inspiring.

Ted Stevenot has a synopsis, and more pictures of the event here.

Bring Your Legislator to Class Pic

Ohio: Please Call Your Legislators!

icons It has come to our attention that in addition to the “Bring Your Legislator to Class Day” event in Columbus next Wednesday, a “Legislative Lunch” sponsored by independent think tank Buckeye Institute will take place in the afternoon and will feature Professor Terrence Moore.

Glad to see them taking an interest.

Insiders at the statehouse report hat the majority of our legislators will send their aides instead of attending themselves.  Perhaps they are still under some delusion that “plausible deniability” is still in play, so we’ll spell it out for them…

The window of opportunity to declare ignorance regarding Common Core is rapidly closing, especially given the breadth and depth of knowledge available to our elected officials at these two events, both of which are just steps away from their offices.

Toward that end, please call your representatives, and senators.  Ask them to actually represent you, their constituents, who are forced pay their salary and Cadillac benefits for life, by showing up in person to one or both of these events.

Please let us know if your elected official plans to attend, and please join us for the evening event for which you can register here.

Oh, and don’t forget Senate President Keith Faber and Rep. Jim Buchy, both of whom have abandoned this Ohio mother as she and her children continue to be bullied by their local school district.

More on that here.

Ohio Grandma “Brushed Off” by Governor Kasich

Broom BrushWe receive many emails regarding Race to the Top/Common Core, and the effort to reverse the trajectory toward the complete nationalization of education.

In addition to responding personally, we thought we would share the following letter from a northern Ohio grandma that expresses well the frustration and fear felt by parents, grandparents, teachers & students all over the state, many of whom are just seeing this quagmire hit their kitchen tables:

“I am writing to you as a concerned – no – terrified grandmother of a 6 year old who will be going into the first grade in the fall – the same time Common Core will begin implementation in Ohio public schools. I have written to Gov. Kasich several times only to be brushed off with a form letter praising Common Core standards. Ohio needs to be the next state to opt out……..yesterday. I’ve seen horrible examples of the math where children no longer use two steps to solve a problem but have to go through 108 steps (as one school in Oklahoma has students doing) and the awful language arts assignments where children have to choose the more “emotional” verb to complete a sentence i.e. “nagging” as opposed to “asking.” Continue reading

Upcoming CommonCore Event in Columbus!

From Ohioans Against Common Core:




Wednesday – APRIL 9th – 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Capitol Theatre – Columbus

In the Riffe Center across from the Statehouse

‘Subscribe to Mailing List’ at OhioansAgainstCommonCore.com for event updates and alerts!

Stay tuned, we’re told there is much more to come!

Clermont County GOP Rejects CommonCore

Republican Elephant ShadedLast night, the Clermont County GOP followed Hamilton, Warren, and other counties in unanimously rejecting Race to the Top/CommonCore by adopting the RNC’s “Resolution Regarding Common Core Standards.”

Well done, ClerCo, and thanks to all the committee members who contributed immensely to the process and added valuable dialog.  These folks were motivated, informed, and a nostalgic reminder of a party that once was: the party of Reagan, whose greatest flaw in hindsight was perhaps the failure to finally eradicate the US Department of Education.  The party of Reagan was against the national takeover of anything, let alone both healthcare and education as is being facilitated by Ohio’s Republican governor, and those more afraid of him than those to whom they come for votes, money and sweat equity every 2-4 years.

Ohio’s elected Republican officials could stop this  boondoggle given their super-majority in the house & majority in the other branches.  Instead, they flip us silly serfs the bird, and say that resistance is futile.  They have neither the political will nor proclivity for that matter to stop the nationalization of healthcare and education…so what else is new?

We say bullies suck, and there is but one way to deal with them (see Ohio election results, 2006).  We’ll suffer either way, so…
“Let us disappoint the men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this country.” ~John Adams




Update! CommonCore Information Night 150+ in Attendance!

Update: A hardy thank you to over 150 parents, grandparents & teachers who braved one of the coldest nights in recent history to attend the meeting below.  What a dynamic and discerning crowd!  Also in the audience were representatives from Treasurer Josh Mandel’s office, one of whom was kind enough to give us some insight to this issue from Mandel’s point of view.  Thank you to CHEC Milford for being such gracious hosts!


Meeting PixWe can attest to the fact that no one knows as much about Race to the Top and how it affects Ohio, than Heidi Huber.  She is responsible for what progress has been made in Ohio with regards to educating families, educators and legislators (who have yet to read all the documentation).

Via Email:

Christian Home Educators of Cincinnati (CHEC) Milford is hosting an Informational Night about Common Core.

This is a very important topic about which everyone should be aware, especially home educators, and especially in light of SB 248, which was officially withdrawn this week.

Common Core Informational Night
Monday, January 27, 2013 @ 7:00pm
Holiday Inn Eastgate
4501 Eastgate Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Speakers will include Heidi Huber and Thea Shoemake.

Please pass this information along to the parents and grandparents you know – regardless where their children attend school – who may desire more information about this topic as it affects all educational environments.

We have received many emails about this event, so if you plan on attending, we advise that you arrive a few minutes early.


Dr. Terrence Moore’s Common Core Testimony…

Light BulbMeet Dr. Terrence Moore, dad, Hillsdale Professor, and one of the witnesses kind enough share his research findings with the Ohio House Education Committee last November (while Andy Brenner’s wife and the hacks at Fordham Institute mocked him via Twitter).

His intellect and passion for the hearts, souls and minds of posterity are in a different atmosphere than most in academia, and we cannot recommend his book “Story Killers…” strongly enough.

While we live in a [default] ADD world, please consider grabbing a glass of wine, beer or cup of tea, and have a listen…then share it with your family and friends.

Time-saving tip for his mockers:  You’ll need a dictionary.


HamCo Republican Party Renounces Common Core

Thumbs Down NOOn the heels of Treasurer Mandel’s endorsement of Rep. Thompson’s HB 237 repeal bill, we received another serendipitous piece of news from  Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou at the end of last week :

“The Hamilton County Republican Party joins the Republican National Committee in condemning Common Core Standards.  On April 13, 1013, the Republican National Committee adopted a resolution condemning the federal intrusion and takeover of local public schools.  Joining other local conservatives, the Hamilton County GOP supports the effort against Common Core by adopting the RNC resolution.”

Pretty big deal for HamCo to reinforce this so boldly; they took the lead when what passes for Ohio’s State Republican Party.  Although it’s tough to imagine the popularity of [an ostensible] Republican Party running to the left of the RNC, lol.  Doing so only reinforces the sentiment that no real differences exist between the two parties.

RttT/Common Core should be a litmus test for all current and future candidates in the endorsement process, who at the very least, should be compelled to thoroughly vet this progressive boondoggle …

If they are not already benefiting from the program, and cannot see the blatant encroachments advanced by it, then it is highly unlikely they will recognize similar encroachments in other progressive policies.

Well done Hamilton County and Chairman Triantafilou.

Who’s next?