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State Treasurer Supports Common Core Repeal Bill

While confirming our piece about SB 248, we [of course] had to ask what, if anything State Treasurer Josh Mandel thinks of the whole Race to the Top/Common Core boondoggle.

After all, he was concerned enough about the ultimate burden taxpayers would bear under Medicaid expansion to come out against it, so surely he’d be concerned about this issue for the same reasons, especially given the fact that no one in Ohio has bothered to do a cost analysis of the monstrosity.  In fact, only an estimate of what it would cost to exit the federally-controlled program has been performed to date.

So when the federal money runs out, guess who’ll be on the hook for all the infrastructure, technology and training (independent think tank Pioneer Institute estimates the cost at billions nationwide)?

Breaking: Stebelton & Crony Clowns Break the Rules

Um, that would be you.

Sounds an awful lot like Medicaid expansion as well as that streetcar no one desires in Cincinnati, but I digress…

Serendipitously, we found out that Treasurer Mandel sent the following letter to Rep. Andy Thompson, in support of HB 237 last week:

Mandel in Support of HB237

Yep, Mandel gets it, and isn’t afraid to publicly stand by his convictions…again.

Major consistency creds & kudos to Treasurer Mandel.


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