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Don’t Be Fooled by “Conservatives for Higher Standards…”

Excellent piece by Rep. Tom McMillin in the The Detroit News:

What’s going on is that “Conservatives for Higher Standards” (a partnership of Fordham and Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education) is doing what its member groups have been paid to do – lobby for the Common Core standards. Paid by whom? Primarily the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has decided it should be allowed to conduct its grand education experiment on American children because of Gates’s superior wealth and intellect. But the goals of Gates and the other private corporate entities that are pushing Common Core don’t necessarily correlate to what parents want for their children.

…Gates’s investment of over $6 million in Fordham and over $1.5 million in Gov. Bush’s foundation is paying dividends. They and their new “Conservatives for Higher Standards” are following orders – push the national standards regardless of mediocre quality, and slander anyone who asks questions as “anti-standards.” But unless we ask questions, and demand answers, we will have to settle for the drab conformity of Common Core. Michigan students deserve so much better.

Samuel Adams would call out this ruse in a minute with: “How strangely the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words.” ~Samuel Adams

Breaking: Stebelton & Crony Clowns Break the Rules

Don’t be fooled, the [self-styled] “Conservatives for Higher Standards” gaggle is meant to be misleading to low information voters.  Not only are they ALL benefiting either politically and/or financially from this boondoggle, but also, no genuine “conservative” advocates for the federal takeover of education, and make no mistake, that is exactly what the Race to the Top criteria establish.

Sadly, the majority of Ohio’s legislature is either complicit in or ignorant of that fact.

BuckeyeDad: “Dad’s Too, Mr. Duncan”

Our apologies to [Ohio] “BuckeyeDad” for not getting to this in a more timely manner. Thanks to the Utah moms, who posted it as well, and chronicled the many other dads concerned with this issue.

Posting with permission (emphasis original):

“As a stay-at-home father of 2 elementary school children here in Ohio (where Common Core is being implemented), I take an active role in my kids’ education. I’ve tried to educate myself about Common Core – the history, the funding, how it’s been adopted – all of it. I have read many arguments, both pro and con. So when I read your recent comments labeling Common Core critics as: “white, suburban moms” who “All of a sudden, their child isn’t as bright as they thought and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought,” my reactions were varied.

First – How predictable: an elitist Progressive injecting race and gender into the debate (how does it go again? Identify it, label it, marginalize it? -something like that). I wasn’t insulted that you chose to identify all Common Core critics as white, suburban women. I don’t take offense at such things. But remember, these (the critics, whatever their gender or skin color) are the people who are seeing the actual Common Core materials and the effects they are having in the schools. Your response is to insult them.

I would think you might counter criticism of Common Core with tangible results showing how great it is. Lacking that, I guess you went with what you had. Trust me, there are serious problems and denigrating the critics only paints you as a tone-deaf authoritarian.

Second – Your comments help to dispel the “state-led” falsehood that was being thrown around some months back. Is it me, or has “state-led” become less frequently used by those who support Common Core? Like many of the oft-repeated buzz phrases and unsubstantiated claims used by Common Core supporters, when scrutinized they seem to dissolve. As the debate intensifies, and the federal government’s educrats become more vocal for the Common Core cause, it becomes exposed for what it is – a top-down, centrally-planned federalization of school curricula. Many Common Core opponents realize that it will lead to a near-total loss of local control over their schools. State Treasurer Supports Common Core Repeal Bill

Last, it may turn out that your comments have the opposite effect that you intended. It could be that you’ve drawn more interest to the Common Core from involved parents who aren’t going to be placated by claims of “college-preparedness” and “international competitiveness” that have exactly zero data to back them up. That remains to be seen. But more and more people are paying attention as this is being implemented.

Unlike others, I don’t want you fired over your recent comments. I want Common Core repealed in my state. Your removal would all-too-easily make this a “problem solved, let’s move on, shall we” scenario. And by all means, Mr Duncan, don’t suppress any contempt when making comments about Common Core critics. I actually appreciate the honesty.”

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