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Dad Arrested For Asking A Question Update

Update: Apparently, all charges have been dropped against Robert Small, and he will not be incarcerated for 10 years.  Bet he has learned his lesson, though…how dare he question the very establishment trying to usurp his role as a parent…silly serf.

Key points from post above:
If this weren’t taped and made public, how much abuse would this man have been forced to endure?

Having worked as a school administrator, I find it hard to believe that parents would suffer this kind of mistreatment from the people who work for them. The Superintendent et al should be welcoming the questions.Teachers Face Retaliation for Criticizing Common Core

If Common Core were as good as the government would have us believe, answering the questions would be easy.

As government grows larger, control grows tighter and resistance is met with force – verbal and/or physical. That’s how statism works and this is a perfect illustration.”

Shrug people…shrug.

Original Post:

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” ~Thomas Jefferson

And so it escalates…from the very side that calls us “unreasonable.”

Still, at the risk of getting arrested, we have a question for the key drivers of Common Core in Ohio:  How far are you willing to drive in order to ensure that Arne Duncan and Jeb Bush’s “Common” dream for our children remains a nightmare for Ohio’s parents…this far?

We already know that Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan and other progressives like to throw tantrums and dismiss parents who dare question their tyrannical imposition upon our rights via Race to the Top/Common Core…

…and anyone who attended the NW Hamilton County Tea Party Town Hallheard State School Board President Debe Terhar dismiss those who disagree with her as “irrational and vitriolic,” (but being arrested for simply asking a question isn’t of course).

… other parents in Teaching…Ohio have been silenced at meetings for being too “sharp” with the tyrannical truths of Common Core (read: they dared question those whose salary we pay), but not arrested…yet.

Not true for Ellicott City dad Robert Small, who as the video shows, was assaulted, hauled away, and arrested for daring to  interrupt Baltimore Country School Board member Lillian Lowery and Superintendent Dallas Dance, who obviously couldn’t two-step around the truth.  Small, who faces 10 yrs., had been shut down most of the meeting…proving yet again that supporters of Common Core don’t want a “reasonable or civil” discussion, rather compliance and submission.

From an eyewitness report:
“…Then we [watched] a video starting with Martin O’Malley saying how great it was, and then other “educators” saying how great it was. Finally, Dallas Dance read some written questions submitted by parents for the other 3 in the forum to answer. They were mostly softball questions of course and you could feel everyone’s frustration that no hard- hitting questions were being asked.

Finally, a frustrated parent got up and interrupted Lillian Lowery and was challenging one of her pre-planned answers. He was not rude but they had security come in to take him out. Luckily a parent was videotaping the event and sent it to our local media.

I have attached a link to the Baltimore Sun website that has an article and the video of the father being dragged out. He was arrested and held until 3:00 a.m. He was just a dad trying to get some information about his children’s education and ended up in jail for not sitting down and shutting up. I was there and it was absolutely chilling to watch this man silenced.”


Folks, anything that government wants this badly is rotten…

If this is what they’ll do when someone simply tries to ask a question, imagine what they’ll do when Common Core and its components are in full swing and you don’t want your child to take the exams, or you Heaven forbid, opt-out of a book report (making the teacher work), and/or withhold answers from their data mining efforts (via registration and online assessments).

To be clear, Small was shut down because the board members did not have substantive answers, only propaganda.  So instead of admitting that they didn’t know jack about Common Core’s intricacies, they had him arrested.

(Because some animals are more equal than others dontcha know).

The majority of folks opposed to RttT/Common Core just so happen to be those who have actually read the majority of the documentation, so why not man-up and listen to dissenters to make sure you stand on liberty’s side of this issue?

(Because that would be hard, especially if you agree with FedEd).

Elected & appointed officials can cackle on all day about how “misinformed” opponents are; doing so certainly doesn’t make it true, especially when they didn’t put in the R&D required to source, let alone prove their allegations.

Time to shrug.

As an aside, the Ohio GOP is hosting Jeb Bush this Wednesday.  Surely they will gush over him like silly school girls, and maybe even crown him king of the 2016 field with the “aspiring” officials at the top of this post, undoubtedly leading the pack, which is just further proof that the Ohio Republican Party is not redeemable. 

The sides of their “big government tent” have blown out, and the folks who pounded in the stakes are left with no choice but to leave.  ~ed.

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