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CommonCore Repeal Bill Ambush, er “Sponsor Testimony…”

“Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.” ~Tacitus

The look on Ed Committe Chair Gerry Stebelton’s face when he realized that his last-minute time change didn’t deter HB 237 supporters: Priceless.

Rep. Andy Thompson (R-95) submitted “sponsor testimony” last night to rooms full of supporters for his Race to the Top/Common Core repeal bill, HB 237.

While he has obviously done more research than the other committee members, Thompson admitted that no one on the committee, including himself, was an expert on the boondoggle.  That fact, he contended, coupled with the growing number of concerned Ohioans, warrants a second hearing at which expert testimony can be presented (only Thompson was permitted to speak last night).Columbus Shenanigans

Keep in mind that for the last 3 years, only pro-Common Core propaganda has ever officially been presented to the few elected officials in Columbus who actually knew about Common opposing view was ever sought…

Another hearing then, Thompson posited, would afford concerned Ohioans the due process that never took place in 2009, when Ohio’s State Board and governor bypassed the legislature and adopted the standards, before they were written, in order to remain eligible for Race to the Top money.

Reasonable request.

Still, Republican bullies always get their way (we know why), and it is our prediction that Chairman Stebelton (R-77) will table HB 237, and further deny concerned Ohioans the right to representative government.  If accurate, that prediction also countermands Speaker Batchelder’s promise to us in April.

So why the prediction?

While, Thompson’s testimony was sincere and well-presented, the two “leaders” of the committee – Chairman Stebelton and Vice-Chairman Andy Brenner (R-67) – with help from a few others, made it crystal clear that they wanted nothing to do with another hearing.  We suspect the reason resides in the terminology…

They do not want to “hear” from experts who are able to answer every “gotcha” question with precision, proof and plausibility, because once they do, in the words of William Wilberforce:

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Oh don’t misunderstand, an undocumented “fact” sheet addressing what were called Rep. Thompson’s “myths” was indeed provided for the reps, but when “The Machine” (Fordham) was cited as its author, pretty much everyone rolled their eyes and dismissed the ruse.  

Anyway, the animosity toward Rep. Thompson and the crowd was evident early on when, with a couple of exceptions, Democrats began treating him more reasonably than Republicans, who were lead by an acerbic Chairman Stebelton.

Doubtful the Chairman realizes that the contempt he displayed was transferable to the hundreds of Ohioans who attended the meeting…the very Ohioans who are forced to pay his salary, pension and Cadillac benefits for life.

He demanded respect, but exhibited none.  He ordered attendees not to take any pictures (but released his own propaganda video of the event), and warned there were to be “no responses from the audience,” with so much disdain that the grey-haired grandmother behind us caroled “exactly who does he think he is, we pay him to represent us!”

Freaking-A, Grandma!

Hey Chairman, you dwell in OUR house, Adolf; take a humility pill.

It was so bad that after the meeting, one member apologetically disclosed:
“I have never seen [the Chairman] act that way before.”

So, perhaps we should start referring to Rep. Stebelton as Chairman “#Stompyfeet,” which is the Twitter moniker given to President Obama for refusing to sit down with anyone who disagrees with him. Ironic, we know.

When government wants something this badly, it’s rotten, but it gets better…

Chairman #Stompyfeet also enlisted security guards to enforce the “no pictures” and “no response” rules.  Given the events in Maryland last month, the audience surmised that it was to seize any opportunity to arrest them should they dare ask for a thorough vetting of this boondoggle before we reach a point of no return.

Of course, Ed Committee Vice-Chair “I-have-bills-too” Brenner believes that we have already reached a point of no return.  After the meeting, we inquired of him: “Why not have another hearing with expert testimony?  Prove us wrong,”  to which he responded: “Well, the thing is, we’re already 3 years into it…”

Teaching moment for kids:
Material Logic calls that non-answer “avoiding the question via a red herring.”
End of teaching moment.

Let’s see…we’re pretty sure that southern states were well-over 3 years into slavery before we put a stop to it, so we’re not sure what your point is, but hey, thanks so much for playing…

Inside Baseball:
While there is a myriad of information concerning the connections between and beyond Chairman #Stompyfeet and Vice Chair “I-have-bills-too” Brenner, what is salient at this point is Rep. Brenner’s plan to replace Chairman #Stompyfeet, who is term-limited, in 2015.  So it’s highly unlikely that he will rock the boat…

…which is a perfect segue to this reminder:
Without fail, all supporters of RttT/Common Core benefit either politically and/or financially for doing so.  With-out-fail.

Bottom line: If a second hearing is scheduled, it will be after it’s too late to dismantle all of the federal strings already in place just like ObamaCare, or the cronies, along with Governor “Me, My$elf & I” will simply bypass the legislature once again, just as he did today with Medicaid Expansion.

As always, we will be overjoyed to be wrong.

We have tons more to report, but frankly the hearing this week is about all we can stomach for now, ha.  A hearty thank you to the hundreds of Ohioans who sacrificed their time and resources to attend the hearing even after the last-minute time change!

We doubt anyone will get an apology from Chairman #Stompyfeet so please tell at least 10 people to tell at least 10 people to tell at least 10 people about the ambush that took place last night…

Oh, and keep an eye on Ohioans Against Common Core.  We are told that they have a video of Chairman #Stompyfeet, in collusion with the media, trying to derail the parent-led movement behind Rep. Thompson’s HB 237.

Until then, while we are still able to contact Columbus without immediate imprisonment, please continue to call the following elected officials at least once a day, and ask if a second hearing on Rep. Thompson’s HB 237 has been scheduled, and if not, ask why:

VICE CHAIR BRENNER: 614-644-6711
GOVERNOR KASICH: 614-466-3555

Who needs progressive Democrats when we have progressive Republicans?

“There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle.” ~Alexis de Tocqueville

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