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Columbus Shenanigans

Believe it or not, we take no pleasure in being right…

True to form, what passes for Republican “leadership” these days, has changed the rules in the middle of the game…

Remember that in early May, Speaker Batchelder promised us ample time to present our side of the Common Core debate given that the only voices heard over the last three years are from those who are benefiting from forcing it on us.

Yet after 7 months of jerking us around, and begrudgingly “granting” taxpayers a second, “Proponent” hearing on Rep. Thompson’s HB 237, Speaker Batchelder’s aid, [and unelected, former Fordham Fellow] Colleen Grady, along with Chairman #Stompyfeet Stebelton, and Vice Chair “I-Have-Bills-Too” Brennerhave decided to dilute the purpose and effectiveness of the hearing with other bills and testimony.  The reasons are obvious…Chairman #Stompyfeet remembers well the hundreds of Ohioans who showed up at HB 237′s initial sponsor , er testimony, much to his and Colleen Grady’s dismay.

Placing other bills and witnesses in front of HB 237, at a hearing that begins at 5pm, is meant to passive-aggressively dissuade (bully) the hundreds of Ohioans who plan on attending, not to mention those who have to work the next day (to pay Chairman #Stompyfeet’s salary, pension and Cadillac bennies for life).

Did we mention that Colleen Grady and Chairman #Stompyfeet sit on a board that manages what is essentially a $250 million Common Core slush fund (more on that later).

Don’t Be Fooled by “Conservatives for Higher Standards…”

So it starts to make sense, doesn’t it…here is a flashback from State Impact:

“The chair of the Ohio House Education Committee says he’ll fight “kicking and screaming” any effort to repeal the CommonCore.”

And that you have Chairman #Stompyfeet, that you have…
(Reminder: Without fail, those who continue to force this boondoggle on us against our will, are getting paid, one way or another… without fail.)

Along with of course, other complicit cronies on both sides of the aisle who purport to support education reform.

Make no mistake however, Republican “leadership” is driving this bus, every bit as much as they threw Ohioans under it in order for “Governor Me, My$elf and I” to bypass the will of Ohioans and expand Medicaid  via an unelected, unaccountable entity.

Shoot, in hindsight, all the guvna needed to do was call Colleen Grady.

Three Familiar Issues Concerning Common Core…

Most free thinkers object to Governor Kasich’s desire to bypass the will of the people and expand Medicaid under the [misnamed] “Healthcare for America Plan,” and rightfully so.  In 2011, 66% of Ohioans voted to reject the government takeover of healthcare & its enabling components by passing Issue 3.  Serious issues still exist regarding its legality, fiscal viability and the ultimate inferiority of healthcare (including the expansion of Medicaid).

Breaking: Study Calls Out Feds on Coercion & Control

Little did we know that as we voted to reject that takeover in 2011, our former governor & state superintendent had already enslaved us to a program not so dissimilar in nature.  So if we have issues with the “Healthcare for America Plan” and its expansion of Medicaid option, then we should absolutely have grave concerns about the adoption and implementation of Common Core, because it is plagued with the same fundamental issues and sets into motion the federal government’s [complete] takeover of education.

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