Recap, Pix & Video of HB 237 Discharge Petition Rally

The Ohio Out HouseBecause the efforts to address the boondoggle that is Race to the Top & Common Core have been largely ignored by our misinformed and complicit progressive legislature, hundreds of Ohioans attended a meeting at the statehouse yesterday, to support the release of a discharge petition on Rep. Andy Thompson’s Sub HB 237 (Common Core repeal).

The discharge petition would bring the [tabled] bill out of committee and up for a vote, and yes, the illogical, illiterate excuses from complicit, progressive Republicans are already overflowing, but we’ll address that later.

Please call your state representative and ask them to sign the discharge petition.

If he/she refuses, then frankly, they are part of the problem and need replaced for at the very least, they either agree with the national takeover of education or refuse to read the documentation that would inform them of such.

We should not have to beg our elected officials, whose salary & lifetime benefits we are forced to pay, to honor their oaths.  Complicit or ignorant…both are unacceptable.

Here are a couple of videos explaining the process.  The first by Sub HB 237 author, State Rep. Andy Thompson, and the second by Rep. John Adams, who is perhaps the most aptly named Representative in the Ohio legislature:


Much obliged to Ted Stevenot, and Ann Becker who did a fantastic job cataloging this event.  Please click here to read more in depth coverage of the event!

If Ohio R’s continue on this path, 2014 & 2016 may yield entirely different outcomes than anyone in the nation anticipates.

ObamaCare & Common Core if they win, ObamaCare & Common Core if they lose.  The only difference would be the letter of the alphabet behind the name of the progressive in power.

4 responses to “Recap, Pix & Video of HB 237 Discharge Petition Rally

  1. Breaking:

    Oklahoma Gov Fallin has signed the single strongest anti-Common Core piece of legislation passed to date. And she is the Chairwoman of the Nat’l Gov. Assn.
    This could have a ripple effect (I hope) here in Ohio and elsewhere. Politicians (bless their black little hearts) are very in tune with similar issues affecting other states and gauging political “momentum”.

    • Indeed, great news! A large part of the Governor’s constituency let her know that they knew what CCS was, from whence it came and to whence it ultimately leads. We haven’t had a chance to read the legislation line by line, so hopefully she’s not pulling a Pence,” ha. Thanks!

  2. Help us to get those red Common Core shirts locally.. Hopefully, lots of parents could wear them at the OHIO state Fair. July 23 – Aug 3 and at our local fairs.

    • Hi Mary, fantastic idea! We were unable to arrange that quickly but OACC is working on getting the information out to you! 😉

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