Ohio GOP Lies for Pro-CommonCore Candidates

False - Inscription on Red Rubber Stamp.One of the well-known truths about the Ohio Republican Party is that it refuses to take a stand on anything unless of course that “anything” is cramming their RINO incumbents or crony scams (JobsOhio; Issue 1) down our throats.

Many here will remember the mail campaign that Kevin DeWine and Jon Husted devised back in 2010, which featured the tea party logo on every mailer, so that voters couldn’t tell the difference between liberty-minded candidates and the incumbent hacks against whom they ran.

Well, meet the new boss; worse than the old boss…

Jason Hart at Media Trackers illustrates just one of many similar mailings going out all over the state (original links embedded):

Ohio House 24th District incumbent Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard), elected in 2012 after receiving over $650,000 of support from the Ohio Republican Party (ORP), has been promoted in three Party mailers in the past week.

Kunze, hand-picked in 2011 for the new 24th District seat by the Franklin County Republican Party, is being challenged in the May 6 primary by Clintonville architect Pat Manley.

Manley’s campaign is motivated largely by his opposition to Common Core. Activists contacted by Media Trackers indicated that Kunze, who sits on the House Education Committee, is “highly unlikely” to take a stand against Common Core.

Kunze has not cosponsored House Bill 237, the Common Core repeal bill Rep. Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) introduced last July.

During the 2012 cycle, ORP contributed media buys, postage, and other in-kind support to Kunze worth more than eight times the funding her campaign raised. Reports due to the secretary of state later this month will likely show that the Party is spending big to keep its favored candidate in office.

…The April 10 ORP mailer, with an ominous “Keep WASHINGTON’S Rules OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS” graphic on the front, was devoted entirely to the topic of education but never mentioned Common Core.

…After receiving the first mailer — this reporter lives in the 24th District — Media Trackers contacted Rep. Kunze for an explanation of her positions on Common Core, the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and increasing state spending.

She never replied.

Kunze’s Ohio House website, campaign website, and campaign Facebook page are all silent on the issues of Common Core, Medicaid expansion, and the ever-growing state budget.

All signs indicate the Ohio Republican Party is spending money to convince Republican voters that Stephanie Kunze, whose value to the Party is that she has no discernible principles, is the ideal candidate for supporters of limited government.

To be clear, Race to the Top – in which Common Core was flown – IS FEDERAL INTRUSION into Ohio classrooms.  Those who support it – and Kunze does – default their position to the “in favor of federal control” side of the ledger.

And for the record, Kunze’s website is “silent” on Common Core and Medicaid expansion because the politburo party knows that they are both huge primary issues.  Senate President Keith Faber told the caucus a couple weeks ago NOT to mention Common Core because “it’s a bad issue for us.”

No $h!t Dick Tracey, the list grows exponentially.

We’ll highlight more fraudulent mailers as they pertain specifically to CommonCore, so please spread the word when we do.  Everyone is busy, and the Republican Party knows it, so do your due diligence and contact us if you have any questions about a particular candidate.

Suffice it to say, if you receive a mailer from the Ohio Republican Party, and aren’t sure who the candidate is, we advise you to vote the other way.

Given their antics, we should hold primaries on April Fools’ Day…

4 responses to “Ohio GOP Lies for Pro-CommonCore Candidates

  1. Dorothy Pelanda, incumbent stated at the monthly GOP meeting this week that HB237 is dead in the water & that HB413 is the answer to solving the CC problem. If anybody was on the fence about her, she has convinced them that she is against CC, although she would not support HB237. She states that the legislature cannot repeal a bill that they didn’t pass. Imo, the Party is coming up with this to get these candidates thru the election to assure their supporters they, as incumbents, are for repeal. Can we find out the status of HB237/Sub HB237? This entire thing is making those of us that have been insisting on the candidates support HB237, look like idiots.

    • Unfortunately, Rep. Pelanda is as misinformed as the rest of the Republican progressives, and we’ll add a bit naive/illogical. If they “cannot repeal a bill they didn’t pass,” then how can they continue to make decisions for and fund a program that did not go through the legislative process, esp. one about which parents and teachers are so concerned? What in the heck is she even there for if not to act in accordance with the oath she took? Perhaps send her a copy of that oath, and proactively include a dictionary…

      All bills that fall short of the repeal can only attempt to “manage” the progressive beast that bypassed the legislature (our voice), which is about as effective as trying to “manage” ObamaCare after the fact. The complicit legislators know this, the others refuse to read the documentation.

      We have seen Rep. Pelanda’s hysterical email rants lambasting anyone who tries to engage her in this debate. Regardless of what she may say during primary season, she will likely continue to flip her constituents the proverbial bird, and continue wearing the establishment’s collar. Minus a rare few that you could count on one hand, that is what they all do.

      We suggest you start searching and funding a 2016 replacement now. Preferably someone who will at least read the documentation.

  2. In one of my phone calls, her office told me that she strongly supports CC….I wasn’t surprised!

    • Neither are we. It is common knowledge that Ms. Kunze is a Doug Price gal. She wears his collar, and will do what he tells her to do, her constituents be darned. We have also heard that even though she has not been there long, she tries to tell everyone else what they are doing right/wrong, lol. Typical Doug Price collar-bearer, ha.

      Great that Pat Manley has offered voters a choice. Not sure of the numbers, but those who support Common Core should get a primary every freaking time they run.

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