Ohio Superintendent Targets Children Over CommonCore

The more any of us try to write about this story – which takes place in (Senate President) Keith Faber’s back yard – the angrier we get, so we’ll leave you with a link and a thought:

Superintendent Jesse Steiner Bullies Children Whose Parents Opted-Out of Common Core Testing

The more engaged parents wisely opt-out of these ridiculous mechanisms designed to usurp parental authority, pigeonhole potential and punish teachers, the more Ohio’s misinformed educrats will have these visceral reactions.

Egregious as this story is, know that the water is still tepid, but the rolling boil will arrive inside of two years, with the next “increase in temperature” to come with a law that prohibits families from opting of these tests.

Remember, this was only the “practice round.”

They so desperately want that money…
They so desperately want that power…
They so desperately want that control…

This is the hill to which posterity will point and say “that was the tipping point.” And if we do not engage, then it’s all on us.

“It would be great if our education stuff worked, but we won’t know that for probably a decade.”  ~Bill Gates, September 2013

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