Ohio Rebrands Common Core…

Rebranding. Business Concept.We received several calls from amused Ohioans who received a notice last week notice about an Oak Hills educational event to discuss “Ohio’s New Learning Standards.”

“That’s Common Core,” most surmised, “who are they trying to fool?”

Um, that would be you…

The following information comes from an email shared by a local Superintendent and his/her school board.  The purpose was to explain the results of a recent meeting with the Ohio Department of Education.  We’ve had the memo for some time, we were simply waiting for the deception to begin:

“Please note that most of this information has not been published in black and white from ODE yet…

Some new acronyms that are now being used in everyday lingo:
1. CCSS is now being referred to as Ohio’s New Learning Standards (ONLS or NLS) and references ALL subjects.
2.  ALL new assessments are being referred to as “Next Generation Assessments (NGA) and references PARCC and the Science and SS test as well.

Nothing earth-shattering…this is what progressives do.

Several more “Tips & Tricks” are in their “game plan,” so please stay tuned.


3 responses to “Ohio Rebrands Common Core…

  1. Newlexington City Schools (in perry county,) ohio are calling Common Core ” The Matrix System”. They are also using StarWars terms to describe learning curves (lowest to highest) RebleSpy, Padawan,JediKnight, and JediMaster.
    If your child is having a hard time in math, they are a RebleSpy.
    If they are doing excellent , then they are a JediMaster.
    The ranking is known through out the school. Kids know how there friends are doing , but worse,… They know how non-friends are doing. In my opinion that could start kids bullying other kids that are not doing well.

    • The licensing agreement with the NGA & CCSSO (who hold the copyright) allows states/districts to call them anything they desire…as long they were fully adopted from the get-go.

  2. We rec’d the following via email:
    “Debe Terhar is married to Louis Terhar, a member of the Ohio House of Representatives from the 30th district, Green Township. Oak Hills Schools is in Green Township. Louis Terhar is VERY pro-common core, even though the Hamilton County Republicans are against it. Since his wife is the President of the Ohio State Board of Education, could there be personal interests to promote Common Core at Oak Hills Schools???”

    Dear Dave,
    In a word: yes.

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