OpEd: Stop the Rush to Common Core

Really good piece from Sandra Stotsky, Bill Evers & Cato’s Neal McCluskyn in the Daily News:

Stop the rush to the Common Core: The growing backlash against coast-to-coast standards is perfectly justified…

The Common Core — effectively national math and English curriculum standards coming soon to a school near you — is supposed to be a new, higher bar that will take the United States from the academic doldrums to international dominance.

So why is there so much unhappiness about it? There didn’t seem to be much just three years ago. Back then, state school boards and governors were sprinting to adopt the Core. In practically the blink of an eye, 45 states had signed on.

But states weren’t leaping because they couldn’t resist the Core’s academic magnetism. They were leaping because it was the Great Recession — and the Obama administration was dangling a $4.35 billion Race to the Top carrot in front of them. Big points in that federal program were awarded for adopting the Core, so, with little public debate, most did.

Major displeasure has come only recently, because only recently has implementation hit the district level. And that means moms, dads and other citizens have recently gotten a crash course in the Core.

There are good reasons a backlash is now in full swing.

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2 responses to “OpEd: Stop the Rush to Common Core

  1. That very colorful ad seen on Facebook lately about opting out and joining the common core movement is not going to convince anyone with half an education: Administration is misspelled. How can you covince anyone to join a cause like that??

    • Hi Becky, we are in agreement! Because we are not on FB however, and not sure from whence the ad comes, we cannot directly address it. Spelling errors hurt the credibility of an advertiser much like syntactical errors hurt the credibility of a critical commenter. >;o) If you would like to forward a copy of the ad, we may be able to run it down for you.
      P.S. http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/600/01/

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