Common Core’s “Fair & Balanced Debate…”

Last night, Americans for Prosperity and the NW HamCo Tea Party held an ostensible “fair and balanced” debate, designed to inspire folks to “draw their own conclusions” about Common Core (but weren’t given all the information).  Proponents were “Republican” State School Board President Debe Terhar, and her State Representative husband who were up against a well-informed and prepared mom, Adriana Inman from “Our Turning Point.”  The evening was “moderated” by AFP’s Hannah Faulkner.

Multiple comments & synopses have been flying around about the event…

Some were more “family-friendly” than others:
…”the woman supporting Common Core couldn’t convince herself…”
“…they allowed a state rep in the audience to speak but not a lady who had the actual budget in her hands.
“…political correctness was the order of the night.”

Others had a bit of “tone” to them:

“Debbie said homeschoolers should “embrace” Common Core, then had the audacity to suggest that one of “her” State School Board members was a home school graduate, so they should all embrace it.  She needs to embrace a logic book.”

And some were downright edgy, like this one forwarded by a local liberty group:

“I was there and it was a sham. Shut up and be polite was the common phrase being spoken often. The one person in the audience who was more of an expert than Debbie Tarhar was completely shut up at every chance possible. Even the audience was saying let her speak but no way was that going to happen. Not a debate a whitewash. If this is what meetings are going to be like count me out.”

This video of Common Core developer David Coleman was shown, revealing that he intentionally duped republicans, that the effort was not state led, and that it is all about the data mining…

…and the only response from our “Republican” State School Board President was “I’ve met  him a few times and that’s not the David Coleman I know.”

Really? Ever stop to ask yourself if he duped you the way he just admitted to duping other Republicans?  She is “all-in,” man…as evidenced by her proclamation last night that those who disagree with her “…are acting irrationally and with vitriol.”

Nice.  Ohio “Republicans” have had 3 1/2 years of dissent-free conditions to shove this down our throats without a vote or a voice, and we are the ones being irrational and vitriolic.  Saul Alinksy would be so proud of our “Republican” State School Board President.

Lastly, given that AFP’s State Policy Director, Seth Morgan, who was not present at the event, clearly explained AFP’s position against Common Core back in April, why wasn’t anyone in the church, save Almighty God, aware of it last night?  This of course inspires the follow-up question: why would an organization that has taken a position on an issue, not only try to moderate a debate, but in the process, shut down those with relevant information to the topic?  Politics 101.  Epic fail.

People departed still starved for information.  Disappointing on many levels.

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  1. If this is, in fact, the truth, OEF will not be supporting Debe next year and will look elsewhere for a candidate to run, opposite of Debe.

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