Giving Common Core Pause…

Update:  We received word last night that due to the influx of your faithful calls, the Ohio House removed the PARCC assessment language from the budget.  A small first step on a long journey…stay tuned.

According to our sources, Ohio legislators have been wondering what in the heck all of your “Common Core” calls have been about lately; namely because many still don’t know what is, and how their fingerprints are or could be on it…

Some Ohio House members are reportedly taking a very close look at HB 59 (Kasich’s budget) to make sure it doesn’t further entrench Common Core before they fully understand what it is, and hopefully before they walk it back.

As more and more citizens start to see why, Common Core (aka: ObamaCore) was not presented to all legislators as “Common Core,” rather a set of compliance points that the state needed to meet in order to compete for Race to the Top money, and “make good” on Ted Strickland and Deb Delisle’s agreement to comply with federal directives both before and after the money was awarded.  Remember, they obligated Ohio to Common Core before the standards were even written, before they even had the name “Common Core.”  As such, the federal strings attached to that money were piecemealed into several nooks and crannies of the code…we will find them all.

So if your legislator seems puzzled by your calls, that’s why.  Others we’re told, like Nan Baker and Peggy Lehner are well aware of and fully embrace this national takeover of education, and the profiling of our children.  They – and a few others – even support the creepy Student Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) stocked with 400 data points designed to track our children from “cradle to career.” (HT: Christel Swasey, here).

Oh, not just for schools to track and share with each other, but with outside “for profit” entities as well… and not just your child’s math grade, but your child’s “Biometric record” which includes (but is not limited to) “one or more measurable biological or behavioral characteristics that can be used for automated recognition of an individual.  E.g., fingerprints; retina and iris patterns; voiceprints; DNA sequence; facial characteristics; and handwriting.” Whether you come from a broken home, are adopted or have genetic “anger issues.”

Welcome to Gattica, or “Big Brother meets A Brave, New World” perhaps.

Sounds scary, which is why proponents of Common Core label anyone with legitimate concerns “tin foil hat” wearers.  But if your legislator or State School Board member tries to infer that: “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for because all SLDS’s must be in compliance with federal FERPA laws.”  Simply direct them to the new and improved (under the Obama administration) “Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act” (FERPA) where they will find the language allowing personally identifiable biometric information to be shared (pg. 4) as well as the language allowing anyone who has your information to share it with a third party…as long as they promise not to share it with anyone else that is (eye roll on pg. 20)…

That’s not a tin foil hat, that’s a ski mask, and Common Core proponents are wearing it.  Ad hominem attacks are all they have because it cannot be legitimately defended to anyone who understands liberty, and state sovereignty let alone how wonderfully and fearfully each individual child is made, how differently children learn about the world around them, and the awesome potential of each child REGARDLESS of their backgrounds, ethnicity, blood type or DNA sequence.  But I digress…

Make sure your legislators understand the importance of the SLDS P20 upgrade when you call.  Many were told that the SLDS has been in place for a long time, and allows state schools to share information, which is true and innocuous in a vacuum, but because they were not presented with the Common Core plan as a whole, they do not understand that it is the vehicle in which your [PreK-20] child’s personally identifiable biometrics, etc., is driven to the federal departments of Education, HHS, and Labor in addition to outside “public and private agencies” (pg. 5) for profit.

(It’s already being done.)

Additionally, if Common Core is the vehicle in which our personal information is driven, then the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments are the interstates on which it is driven, which is why Ohio must pull out of that consortium and why we must stop the invasive data tracking on our students.

Republicans, who claim to be about liberty and state sovereignty, and Democrats, who claim to hate big business and unfunded Bush mandates (Jeb Bush this time), are fully embracing this albatross, some advertently, some inadvertently.

So please, keep the calls going to your state reps & senators, and tell them that the time to claim ignorance about Common Core and its insidious nature is growing short.

The three immediate points are as follows:
1. Make sure no language or pathway is allowed, or funding provided for the PARCC assessments, and upgrade of the SLDS to a P20 system in HB 59.

2. Tell the state school board that there is an immediate all back full on ObamaCore.  Revert back to the previous standards until we are able to develop real standards.

3. After the budget, we must work with OHIO teacher and parents in all educational settings to develop the standards that best empower and inspire our children to succeed, then keep healthy competition within those environments to breed the innovation & best practice models necessary to set and attain high standards.

President Obama may not have written ObamaCore (Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, educrats & crony capitalists did), but like ObamaCare, it ultimately forces everyone onto the same government path of, in this instance, education.

And they’ve done such a bang-up job so far…

Find your legislators here, and please, don’t let up!

21 responses to “Giving Common Core Pause…

  1. I agree with all you wrote except. I find it political Rhetoric that you are calling it “ObamaCore” that is giving one man more power than he deserves and in your own article you admit Jeb Bush(who is not the only Repubican) I am not a DEMOCRAT however, this fight against the “Fel-Lead” National Common Core Needs both Democrats and Republican fighting it……I have meet Democrats against it……..but your political Rhetoric can keep some Democrats (who would be against it once they found out all the facts) from even finding out all the facts. One can not ignore that news is bias nowadays and people listen to only news that applies to which way they lean politically, so it does matter that your nickname ObamaCore is not a good fit to fight this, in my opinion, words do matter, so please do give what I said some thought.

    • #1 Appreciate your comment. We are not from either party, rather we are juris naturalists, who absolutely understand that words have meaning, ergo the reference. Common Core is to education what ObamaCare is to healthcare…the parallels are endless. It has serious constitutional, cost & inferiority issues: written behind closed doors, the states were forced to adopt it so they could find out what was in it, enslaving posterity not only to massive amounts of debt, but to an inferior system of education. We use red pens here, not purple. >;o)
      Intellectually consistent people on both sides of the aisle understand the perilous nature of Common Core and we need them all, though the impetus for the fight may be completely different. We are working on a resource page for this site that will include views from all sides, but until that is completed, Diana Ravitch speaks loudly against Common Core, and she may be a more palatable resource as you disseminate information: Thanks again & take care!

  2. How did Matt huffman vote on this?

    • #2 Thanks for your inquiry. We are still trying to determine that, and have a call into his office (the online House journal does not mesh with the Amendment numbers). It would be contradictory at best for anyone who claims to be for school choice as Huffman does, to also be for Common Core…there will be no choice within any educational setting when Common Core is fully implemented. It is a one-size-fits-all approach, enforced by the national assessments. Common Core is the shotgun with which the federal government will hit all those who exercise choice in education, and they used the help of both left & right cronies, not unlike [industry] ObamaCare (AARP, etc.) Thanks again!

  3. Ah, the old “appeal to reason,” ha. I think iObamaCORE is bloody brilliant. Progressive policies are so convoluted that they are difficult to understand. You have cut through the crap and made it simple to understand and explain to others (even those who love Obama). Given that 66% of Ohioans voted against ObamaCare, this makes the extreme left and the center-left (RINO’s) line up and defend it. Like you inferred, sensitive ears are free not to use that term, but I bet they use the talking points.

    • Thx Jeff. We understand Theresa’s point. In our experience however, both left & right who did not know what Common Core was, have had “light bulb moments” (meaning they understood what it was after the parallel), and have seemed to appreciate the info more often than they have taken offense. Hard to engage them otherwise.

  4. From what I understand Rep. Becker pulled his amendment and it’s not up to the Senate to pull the language. Is that correct? Is their any recourse?

    • We’ll check that out. Need to call/watch the senate then continue. There is always recourse, just a matter of what hand they play. >;o)

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  14. This is Gattica – you will be designated for a job.
    If you are a commie you can have a good job.
    If you love freedom you can be a garbage collector or street sweeper.

    Welcome to the communist takeover f america.

    Are you going to let your PUBLIC servants tell you what to do???

  15. The real name of Common Core is Communist Core Values.
    Commie Core for short.
    It is about a new tax on school children.

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